I’ll write a series of (short) posts about how was my journey to become an entrepreneur, and which difficulties I had in the process. I believe that many others already wrote about the same topic, but I also believe that another one about it will not jeopardize the web and only sum for those who seek information about this issue challange.

I always had a freelancer career beside my IT tech and programmer jobs. I started this paralel practice by 2008, that kept growing and giving results slowly. At that time, I didn’t had intention to be totally independent of a job and be part of the employers group, because I just wanted that extra money that helps us to reach dreams and be part of things that just salary do not allow us to do, because of other obligations.

In 2010 I’ve met Cristina Simão, that together we were able to cover more kinds of projects that we did as freelance. She always working with the communication, marketing and design, while I beat my hands at the keyboard program. We shared knowledge and conquered new clients, bringing more that extra money that always helps…

Two years later, she was introduced to a client, that changed my mind completely about this freelance thing and how to deal with stuff. After negociating all the work, came the first question in form of barrier: “Do you have a company? We can’t work without invoices.” – OH GOD!!! What now? The project was great, the client is great and the oportunity to grow was huge… What to do?

The client suggested to open the kind of brazilian company that pays something like $ 20 per month of taxes, and doesn’t need an accountant. It was perfect, because I could be officialy registered without investing too much $$$ monthly, and would be possible to pay the company existance with my salary.

The first deception

After talking to Cris, we decided that was an oportunity to no lose, and we had the guts to face the size and conditions that the project came with, even having our daily jobs. We went after info about how to open a company, and found that to start, you need to have an address and one main activity…

In our case, only one activity was enough to do the business we wanted for the company we would open. Now, about the address, was where we had our first problem, because the street was considered only residential by the city hall, and couldn’t have a company there.

Talking to a accountant, we were guided to request the upgrade of the street records, that it could become both residential and commercial. The only problem is that the result of this request would happen within 15 days, and got 30 without response.

Another turn under accountant guidance, we returned at the city hall to open another request, trying to make things happen faster… and that was another 30 days without response.

A client suggested to forget that address and ask someone of our trust to let us use the address of this one’s residence, because it would be just to receive the mail since I could work at home e was not employing anyone. Wouldn’t have to bother event with government inspection, according to my client… But we prefered to have faith on city hall requests, and tried another one… and again, we had no response.

The worse part is that we were already working to the client that needed an invoice, I already had to give him the first one, and wasn’t able to start the process of opening the company because city hall didn’t let us…

On the nest post I’ll tell you more! Hope you keep it up and like it.

(Keep reading the story: https://blog.heitorsilva.com/en/geral/a-jornada-do-empreendedor-parte-2)

6 thoughts on “The journey of the entrepreneur – Part 1

  1. Irei acompanhar!
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  2. Heitor, eu tenho muito orgulho de você! Espero que você e a Cris construam algo muito grande, do qual vocês dois se orgulhem muito ainda.
    Parabéns! Embora seja um post antigo, eu tô super satisfeita de saber que você cresce mais a cada dia.
    Você merece! Tô muito orgulhosa de você!!!!!!!

    Little Point/Somebody.

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