Before continuing the history, if you didn’t read the beginning, go back in time a little and see how everything started:

Looking for an accountant

Knowing that we couldn’t open the company as MEI, we were obligated to have an accountant to keep the financial records in order. We started looking for accounting firms that would not charge too much, and that were compatible with startups and rookies on entrepreneurship.

We saw every kind of firms, the ones that were charging minimum wage as minimum and the ones that were promising heaven and earth with a very low price. In the end, I’ve found one firm that helped us completly on the opening process, and guided us on things that we were wrong, also with a very good monthly price to take care of our records:

If you are looking for an accountant, talk to Amanda Corgosinho (manager until this post date at least).

The second barrier

With all problems solved, the company open, CNPJ in hands, it was time to decide the company taxes model, one being Simples Nacional and the other Lucro Presumido, what brought our second challange! To spend as low as possible and keep the company rolling, the best option would be the Simples Nacional, because of lower taxes. The activity we’ve chosen, is at the  same time allowed and not allowed to be in Simples Nacional. Neither us or the accountant knew exactly what would allow us and what would not.

After a little research from the accounting firm, they told us that the activity we’ve chosen only prohibits those companies that do their services inside clients… As our situation was the opposite, by doing on home office, we were not going to have problems. The next step was to receive some forms from the accouting firm, that were like some kind of commitment with the government, on which we were affirming and ensuring that our company was not on the negative conditions to be on Simples Nacional. With our signatures, these forms went to the government and the company receives an answer (positive or negative) in a short period.

Everything was right, the next step was finding out how to make an invoice…

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