Before continuing the history, if you didn’t read the beginning, go back in time a little and see how everything started:

Electronic Invoice Issuing

To issue a Electronic Invoice, in Belo Horizonte / MG – Brazil, we had to buy a digital certificate, register on the great City Hall system (BHISS Digital), install JAVA 6 (that is also great) and pray for the server, for its good mood.

Certificate Kind

There are two kinds of certificate: A1 and A3.

The first one, it’s a .PFX file that can be installed on a Windows machine, will be read by JAVA and will ask for a password.

The second kind, can be a pen drive or a USB reader of multiple medias, that also runs on Windows, will be read by JAVA and will ask for a password.

The difference between them, is the expiration date and the price. The first one expires in 1 year, the second in 3. The first can be bought from R$ 100,00, and the second R$ 300,00.

I was told to buy the A1, because it’s practical… Being a file, you can carry in a pen drive, or e-mail, or save on a cloud storage service like Google Drive or Dropbox. Any time you need, it’s easy to use.

Certificate Categories

The digital certificate has some possible categories, like eCPF, eCNPJ, NF-e, CT-e, etc.

Each one has a different price and purposes… In our case, at the first year of the company, we bought the NF-e, but we’ve found right after that was an unecessary purchase, as we could have used the e-CNPJ, that is cheaper and our goal was just issuing the electronic invoice.

Where to buy a digital certificate

To buy one digital certificate, you can look at:

After buying and confirmed payment, you will schedule a visit to validate documents. If your certificate is A1, the attendant will give you a password on paper and one on e-mail. With both on hands it will be possible to generate the .PFX file.

Registration at City Hall

After grabbing the certificate, and confirming that it’s working, you just need to register at the city hall, through the address:

2 thoughts on “The journey of the entrepreneur – Part 3

  1. Não sei se te disse, mas o e-CPF ou e-CNPJ nos da acesso direto a receita federal ou a SEF para as empresas que temos procuração e acesso a outros órgãos através do e-CNPJ da própria empresa, não sei se o NF-e da esse tipo de acesso as empresas que o possuem, essa é outra das vantagens dessas duas modalidades.

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