At home, I use a Windows on a desktop, that has a virtual machine with Debian 6 configured to be my web server (NGINX, MySQL, PHP).

I was tired of using FTP plugins to program with my text editors, so I thought “Why the hell not using a sharing between Linux and Windows?”. To do that I was going to need SAMBA, but how would I share without having to input user and password, since I’m on a VM and I’m the only one acessing because it’s inside my own desktop?

After installing SAMBA, I opened the file /etc/samba/smb.conf and used the following lines:

This way, the VM appeared on Windows network and became browseable without having to input user and password, also being able to write on the folder I wanted. Read SAMBA documentation to understand each option I used, and please, DO NOT USE THIS KIND OF CONFIGURATION ON A COMPANY ENVIRONMENT!

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