Configuring keyboard on Ubuntu / Debian

This tip is dumb, but is a good thing when it’s needed, because we never remember how to do it (at least I don’t).

If you need to configure your keyboard, because the keys are not inputing right chars, use the command below:

This way, you can select the correct layout.

In case of being a Brazilian layout, the recommended options would be:


Sharing from Linux to Windows with SAMBA

At home, I use a Windows on a desktop, that has a virtual machine with Debian 6 configured to be my web server (NGINX, MySQL, PHP).

I was tired of using FTP plugins to program with my text editors, so I thought “Why the hell not using a sharing between Linux and Windows?”. To do that I was going to need SAMBA, but how would I share without having to input user and password, since I’m on a VM and I’m the only one acessing because it’s inside my own desktop?

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Ubuntu 12.04 without sound

I updated my Ubuntu from 11.10 to 12.04 and for my unhappiness, the sound wasn’t working.

Made a lot of tests until I realized that it was not working just the phone jack from the FRONT panel of the computer. When using by the back panel, everything was normal…

WTF?!?!?! How to solve it?

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