Vagrant 1.8.1 on Windows 10 with VirtualBox

Recently I wanted to build a virtual machine with Debian 8, PostgreSQL and Python, to import some data. I use Windows as my main operating system, plus VirtualBox for virtualization, and my best option to create the virtual machine recipe (vagrantfile) was Vagrant, because AZK didn’t support Windows (at the moment of writing, still doesn’t). With the recipe, I could deliver to my client a virtual machine ready for development and production environments.

I went through some problems, which were specific to the Vagrant 1.8.1 and Windows (7 and 10) mix, and I would like to share the solutions that I found to solve everything.

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Sharing from Linux to Windows with SAMBA

At home, I use a Windows on a desktop, that has a virtual machine with Debian 6 configured to be my web server (NGINX, MySQL, PHP).

I was tired of using FTP plugins to program with my text editors, so I thought “Why the hell not using a sharing between Linux and Windows?”. To do that I was going to need SAMBA, but how would I share without having to input user and password, since I’m on a VM and I’m the only one acessing because it’s inside my own desktop?

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